Monofilament filter bags Nylon, PE, PP

Monofilament bags are made of an extremely strong material and woven with a precision that guarantees an extremely consistent pore size. In many applications this filter bag is reusable. In most cases, this filter bag is made of nylon.

Monofilament features pockets with large dirt load capacity

  • Nominal removal efficiency from 20 to 800 μm.
  • Available in all standard sizes.
  • Available for all standard filter housings.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.
  • High flow - low pressure difference.
  • In some cases washable and reusable.
  • Does not release fibers.
  • Removal efficiency is more precise than felt bags.
  • Resistant to the release of contaminants.
  • Excellent pre-filter - easy to remove.
  • Produced with certified ISO 9001 quality system.


Clean Flow is a filter specialist and has extensive experience in filtration.


  • Automotive industry
  • Water treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Paint and varnish
  • Many other applications possible


  • Easy installation - no tools required.
  • Double seal - plastic collar designed to prevent bypass.
  • Made of sturdy material - at the same time stable and flexible for a better fit in the support basket.
  • Available sizes - Available in all standard sizes as well as custom made for optimal process adaptation.
  • Low disposal costs to improve production costs.

Filter media: nylon monofilament
Ring: Polypropylene, polyester, stainless steel
Seal: sewn

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