Absorption filter bags

Clean Flow has both adsorption and absorption filter products.

  • Adsorption (molecular) adhesion of pollution to a filter media (e.g. physisorption and chemisorption).
  • Absorption is incorporating pollution inside a filter media.




Clean Flow is a filter specialist and has extensive experience in filtration.

Oil absorbent polypropylene bag, pleated applications. CleanFlow produces two different types of filters for absorption material bags and in different sizes. These particles are made of multiple layers of polypropylene non-woven material that attracts oil droplets within the non-woven matrix.

Oil absorbing polypropylene bag, pleated applications.

The degree of effectiveness of the bags depends on the type of oil you are trying to remove and on the pressure difference across the filter media of the bag. The greater the differential pressure the greater the propensity will be for the oil droplet to deform, and migrate downstream which you don’t want.

For this reason, we use your gauges on your housing to reduce the risk of forcing oil droplets downstream.


Efficient water removal solution for oils and fuels. High performance at low cost.

Water absorbing filter bags form a new type of specially formulated and highly effective water absorbing material, made of cellulose fibre. In its pure form, such an absorber can absorb water from oil up to 100 times its own dry weight.

However, in its pure form such water absorber tends to be unstable. Once exposed, it quickly absorbs moisture from the open air. In order to stabilise the water absorber for commercial applications, we mix a certain percentage of polyester fibres in the water absorber to formulate our unique media, which is capable of absorbing and retaining water content up to 70 times its own dry weight.

In addition to standard sizes of water absorbing filter bags, we also offer custom made filter bags. Customers are encouraged to contact us with the specifications of the application. As usual we make custom water absorbing filters that are tailored to the application requirements of each individual customer.


Activated carbon filter bags:

  • Only FDA approved media
  • Effective removal of chlorine, odor, mercury, lead and other types of heavy metals as well as most toxic organic chemicals
  • A filter bag length 2 contains 5 kg activated carbon
  • 1 μm – 100 μm nominal particle retention (optional without particle retention capacity)
  • PP or PE collar but also metal ring as a bag seal
  • Fiber Migration Treatment
  • Proposed shutdown pressure difference 0.10 – 0.25 MPa (1.0 – 2.5 bar)
  • Flow rate max.: 6 m³/h : size 1, 12 m³/h : size 2


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