Oil absorption filter bags

Oil absorbent polypropylene bag, pleated applications. CleanFlow produces two different types of filters for absorption material bags and in different sizes. These particles are made of multiple layers of polypropylene non-woven material that attracts oil droplets within the non-woven matrix.
Oil absorbing polypropylene bag, pleated applications. The degree of effectiveness of the bags depends on the type of oil you are trying to remove and on the pressure difference across the filter media of the bag. The greater the differential pressure the greater the propensity will be for the oil droplet to deform, and migrate downstream which you don’t want. For this reason, we use your gauges on your housing to reduce the risk of forcing oil droplets downstream.

Characteristics Oil absorption filter bags

  • Very high flow rates at low initial pressure drop.
  • Rated particle retention rate: 1 μm - 100 μm.
  • PP collar.
  • Excellent chemical compatibility.
  • Thermal surface treatment that prevents the release of media fibres and ends up in the filtered flow.


Clean Flow is a filter specialist and has extensive experience in filtration.


  • Automotive Industry
  • Water treatment
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Many other applications possible

Pleated matrix takes care of:

  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Long service life
  • High oil absorbency (up to 2.5 more than standard oil absorbers)
  • Recommended pressure difference with change 0.12 MPa - 0.20 MPa (1.2 bar - 2.0 bar)
  • Typical flow rates: * Size 1: 12m3 / h * Size 2: 22 m3 / h

What are the benefits of oil absorption filter bags?

  • Easy installation - no tools required.
  • Double sealing - plastic collars designed to provide additional security against bypasses.
  • Stable material composite - both stable and flexible filter bags for better alignment with the retrainer basket.
  • Available sizes - standard sizes 1 and 2, but custom-made for optimal results. process adjustment.
  • Low disposal costs - to further improve the economy.

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